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A history of the Fairy Winkles

Produced by Kenner and Hasbro between 1993 and 1995, Fairy Winkles were small little fairy toys that came with a variety of different playsets. "Fairy Winkles and their loyal friends the Wee Winkles - live and flutter-fly in the forest until they find a special little girl just like you to adopt and be your most secret friend. They'll move into your very favourite things, and only YOU know they're there. Their sparkling Wing Winkle gives them special powers to magically appear and make all your dreams have happy endings!"

Fairy Winkles came packed in a plastic bubble standard grade card gloriously illustrated with Fairy Winkles designs. There were also smaller fairies available – these were the Wee Winkles.

Some of the most popular Fairy Winkles sets included ‘Lipstick Surprise – Take Along Secrets’ – a set of three little Fairy Winkles bundled with a soft pink lipstick perfect for dressing up.

The ‘Secret Playland Treat Box with Fairy Sweets’ featured four Wee Winkles and a heart-shaped box that was perfect for either filling with sweet goodies or using it as a container to hold the Wee Winkles. The ‘Secret Treasure Jewelry Box’ was also a very popular line. This box opened up to reveal the Wee Winkle’s secret hideaway. There was also a pack of illustrated stickers available to decorate this secret treasure jewellery box.

Fairy Winkles ‘Hide n’ Play Jewelry box’ was a little different. With this you could twist the lid to the left and lift the jewellery box lid off to reveal a little pot where you could keep all your ‘jewels’. However, if you then replaced the lid and turned it to the right you would reveal a secret compartment.

The Fairy Winkles locket was a cute way of carrying around your Wee Winkles. Just like a real locket you could lift off the lid to reveal a space in which your favourite miniature toy could be placed.

If you had a shelf in your bedroom then the 'Peek-A-Picture' was the perfect toy to either use as a frame or a secret storage compartment. The front of the frame allowed you to display your favourite picture, but if you slid this upwards then a little cupboard was revealed, big enough for a Fairy Winkle to sit in.

The Fairy Winkles ‘Teapot Twinkle Theatre’ was the largest of all the sets. It needed a little bit of work when it was brand new to decorate the teapot with stickers but once this was done it could be opened up to reveal an exciting theatre area for Fairy Winkles and Wee Winkles to perform in.

The appeal of the Fairy Winkles sets was that they always had lots of secret hidden panels to discover. When you got a new Fairy Winkle set you could have fun finding all of the secret compartments, or working out which compartments were actually red herrings.

Fairy Winkles could be compared to Polly Pocket or Charmkins, although they were more fantasy orientated. Fairy Winkles had similar compact homes to Polly Pockets but they were a bit more random (e.g a shell or an ice-cream).

Fairy Winkles trivia

In 1991, Hasbro acquired the Tonka Corporation, including its Kenner Products and Parker Brothers divisions. The acquisition brought lots of exciting additions to Hasbro's portfolio including Fairy Winkles, Tonka, Play-Doh, Easy-bake Oven, Nerf, Monopoly and a wide range of licensed properties such as Star Wars and Batman.


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FW fan said:
So cute!

Monday January 26, 2009, 03:22 PM

some small child said:
I'm not a fan of these toys, but I am a huge fan of the old commercial. The lyrics have been stuck in my head for 15 years. "I believe in Fairy winkles. Believe they're magical, yes I do! Fairy winkles, fairy winkles..." Then It trails off for me....anyone know the whole song?

Saturday October 9, 2010, 01:52 PM

amber said:
I love these Fairies I had them as a kid and I been searching for them. i am so glad tos ee them on ebay My fav were the ones in the sea shell

Monday November 25, 2013, 07:07 AM

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